Educate, engage and inspire your students with video!

YouTube’s educational section, YouTube EDU, is a valuable resource for schools. Now, It’s launching YouTube for Schools, an easy way for schools to access educational videos while restricting access to other content. YouTube for Schools is:

  • Comprehensive: Access over 500,000 free videos from over 700 YouTube EDU partners. These partners range from well-known educational organizations like StanfordTED and PBS to up-and-coming YouTube partners with millions of views, like Khan AcademySteve Spangler Science, andNumberphile.
  • School-appropriate: Students can only access YouTube EDU videos. Related videos and comments are disabled.
  • Customizable: Administrators and teachers can log-in and get full access to YouTube. They can also add videos that will be viewable only within your school’s network.
Visit today!

YouTube for Schools: Join the Global Classroom Today!

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Colegio Plurilíngüe Privado Concertado de Educación infantil y Educación Primaria. Col·legi Plurilingüe Privat Concertat d'Educació infantil i Educació Primària. Concerted Private College Education Multilingual pre-primary and Primary Education.

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